The best beer and constant high quality are the foundations for us. We always have on tap light bottom-fermented pilsner beer made from local raw materials of the highest quality – Czech and Moravian malt, Žatec hops – Poloraný červeňák, Sládek and Premium, and local water with the quality parameters of infant water from our own 60 meter well. We have 10° and 12° beer always on tap, and during the year we also have special and festive light, semi-dark, dark, wheat, lower and upper fermented beers.

How does our beer differ from the standard diluted Euro beer? The main difference is the fact that our beer remains unfiltered, unpasteurized, unstabilized and undiluted by a HGB system (High Gravity Brewing). Therefore, all of the beneficial substances remain in the beer.

MMX Pivotel boasts a state of the art and fully automated brewing technology.

This comes from the very best in the industry – the company Kaspar Schulz with almost 340 years of tradition from Bamberg, German, which is surrounded by over 150 breweries. That is why Bamberg is known as the center of world brewing. The stainless steel brew house has a volume of 10 hl and the cylinder-shaped larger tanks allow annual production of approximately 3,000 hl. The technology of our brewery is fully automated, thus enabling us to produce beer with a constant high quality, character and flavor, which is our goal. We never intend to offer variable production.

The technology is the responsibility of one of our best brewers with 40 years of experience – Mr. Josef Korbel.

Beer to go

Would you like to enjoy MMX beer at your private party? Are you planning a celebration or a barbecue in garden? For all these and other purposes you can buy beer to go from Pivotel in various different volumes – from 1 to 50 liters.

  1. PET bottles 2 liter, 1.5 liter and 1 liter
  2. branded KEG barrels with a flat dispense head 10 l, 15 l, 30 l or 50 l with a refundable deposit of 3,000 CZK.
  3. non-returnable barrels with a flat dispense head, 20 liters for 200 CZK

Prices of MMX beer in returnable and non-returnable kegs [0,5L]

  • Tap 10,8% for 22 CZK
  • Lager 12,5% for 29 CZK
  • Stout 13,5% for 36 CZK

Special beer depending on actual offer:

  • 12° – 13° special for 36 CZK
  • 14° -15° special for 40 CZK
  • Wheat beer for 31 CZK

Rental and purchase of party taps with dispense heads:

You can rent a party tap with a dispense head for a returnable deposit of 2.500 and a rate of 200 CZK/day, or you can buy it for 1,500 CZK.