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A famous play about the famous castle and king. Just 8 km from Pivotel is Karlštejn Castle, which was founded in 1348 by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. The castle is one of our most important medieval monuments in the Czech Republic. Close by is the castle of Křivoklát, one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic, which dates back to the 12th century. Also nearby is the town of Dobříš where you can visit the rococo castle of Colloredo-Mansfeld with its beautiful French park, which became a haven for many important Czech artists.



Just 17 km from Pivotel you will find Koněpruský cave. This three-storey cave system with stalactites and stalagmites was formed from Devonian limestone over 400 million years ago. The uniqueness of these caves is in its opal-bearing decoration and rare paleontological artifacts. Inside the bowels of cave is hidden an ancient coin mint. Another spectacular natural phenomenon is the former quarry America, which was the location for the filming of the popular movie Limonádový Joe.



The surroundings of Pivotel MMX are a paradise for cycling and in Lety you will find two bike trails – demanding and recreational. The red markings are intended for the more demanding cyclist. The trail starts at the tennis courts of Sokol Lety, and continues along the Berounka River to the railway bridge at Mokropsy. From there the trail rises sharply to the ridges of Brdy. Then it leads to the beautiful Brdy forests at Černolické skaly, Pláštík, Skalka and through Kytínské louky to Halouny. From Halouny the route leads to Jezírka, Babka and then follow the signs to Řevnice. The end of the trail can be Pivotel and the village of Lety. The trail is 42 km long. The second trail, marked in blue, is intended for recreational cycling. The start of the trail is the same – along the Berounka River to the railway bridge at Mokropsy. Here, the trail marked in blue separates. It leads over the railway bridge to the other side of the Berounka. After a short climb it leads you to Vráž. Further on you will reach Solopysky, Třebotov, Kala and Vonoklasy. Then, through Roblín Mořina, Pod dračí skálu and Karlštejn, to Mořinka and Karlík. The trail ends again in Lety and well-earned refreshment at Pivotel MMX.



Pivotel MMX is part of the largest tourist trail in the Czech Republic called Karlštejnské šachy (Karlštejn chess). Along the route, decorated with the largest chess pieces in the world, everyone will come into their own. By the way, for those who love a different kind of tourism there are 7 golf courses close to Pivotel. For example, the golf clubs of Karlštejn, Líšnice, Zbraslav, Beroun and Vysoký Újezd.


In the village, just 200 meters from Pivotel is a hall with tennis courts and in the nearby Všenory there is a wellness center, where you will find a golf simulator, squash, bowling, weights gym, etc.